Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wolfie Work in Progress 2

I've been staring at this painting for quite a while now and today I decided to do some
 more work on it. I'm painting in an impasto impressionist style with bright acrylic colors 
and now I like where it's going.
Here is the painting as it sits on my easel right now.

To see the progress from my last post read on after the break. 

 This is where I left off on my last post.

 Adding base colors to the painting
Still layering on color.
Adding some detail, shadow under the neck and painted on the name on his jersey.
I thought I would go with more natural coloring and was headed that way in this frame.
Continuing with neutral colors
Here is where I decided I didn't like it and went with more color.
Trying to work with complementary colors now. Still not too happy.
Toning back the colors some, still can't figure out what I don't like. Time for a break. :)
Today I decided I would go for an impasto impressionist technique
 and I fell in love with the painting again.
Continued painting the brush strokes over the under painting. (I decided I would call it that so it sounds like it was the plan all along)
Here it is now and I think it's almost done. I want to look at it and nitpick it for a couple days, but I really like it right now.

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